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If you are looking for stand up comedy talent, or you are talent looking for a gig, send us your listing and we'll post it here.  We also post here for comedy/copy writers.  If you'd like to submit comedy material to The Funny Firm here are our writers guidlines.


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Stand-Up Comedians For Paid Road Gigs.  Looking for professional stand-up comedians to feature and Headline gigs in NYC and around the country. Talent Management company looking for comedians to Freelance for our show booker portion of our Management company. and add to our website talent roster.  MUST HAVE A CAR.  Looking for experienced comedians who have at least 30 to 60 minutes of solid material and can play to any crowd.  Submissions that do not follow the exact directions below will be deleted.
To Submit: Reply with Name in Subject line of e-mail:
Phone number
Location You are based (city,State)
Short Bio (one paragraph , include any tv credits)
One Stand-Up Video Clip (youtube clip)
Years of Experience
2 Recommendations: From comedy clubs or bookers.  If accepted we will email you and put your video/bio  Email:  Submit(at)

A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR A TALENTED COMEDY WRITER !  I am currently involved with Universal in developing a sitcom for network.  They love the idea but they want a more polished script then the one I have.  The treatment is more then adequate, but the script I have is a good guideline, but sub-standard for my presentation. One suggestion was to collaborate with a professional sitcom writer or find a new brilliant writer on the horizon.  The work is spec, but the opportunity is amazing.  This project is just one puzzle piece from successful completion. New York City area preferred.   ARE YOU THAT WRITER? Bill Miller

I'm a comedian with lots of TV and magazine writing experience. I've  written for shows like The State on MTV and Best Week Ever on VH1. I teach comedy writing at The Peoples Improv Theater in Manhattan, do solo and sketch performing around town on a regular basis, have written for magazines like Premiere and The Village Voice and have 
appeared in several major motion pictures. Please see my website to view my comedy and learn more about my extensive experience writing and performing comedy at 
I'm an ambitious(An Unemployed) baltimore comedy writer just look to get my foot in the door.  My skills include: observational humor, urban ghetto comedy, politicial commentary, and general ranting and complaining.  My specialties include Date Jokes, Prostitute Jokes, Headline Humor, Rhyme Rips, Racial quips, & other fun useless material.  E-mail me at

I am a comedy writer/comedian that writes and works clean who has sold over 1,000 jokes to various comedians, professional speakers, and publications.  I have also sold material to radio services, and lectured on comedy at the Las Vegas Ventriloquists Association.   E-mail me at

"Stand-up comedy writers needed for variety show.Clean to semi-clean material.Show has a 50's and 60's format, but if it's funny we can use it.Pro comics and stand-up writers-can you use some extra money? One excellent writer on board,and we are looking for others.Please contact James Mitchener at

(Posted 3/28/06) Comedian looking for material or someone to collaborate with material on.  I'm will pay if i use it.  Send a sample of material to if you are interested.

(Posted 2/25/06) I am a professional Comedienne, emcee/host, precision driver, drummer/violist (what a combo!) and actress.....I perform at corporate events.  I was just on The Carson Daly Show..and just hosted many MORE shows (I am a FUN interviewer!)   I am a paid weekly regular at The Comedy Store (got passed first time!).   I come from a sales, training and management background. I and my dog were in the long running PETCO commercial ....we also do comedy togetherrrr (and I alone as well)...she and I just shot a new sitcom for Animal Planet ...Let me know if we can work together! Barbie Orr          

(Posted 2/25/06) 2001Gemini award winning comedy writer, 2004 Editorís Choice Award winner, controversial stand-up comic and BUZZ TV host MISTA MO aka Morgan Smith is adding bookings to his successful Stand-up comedy tour "CONTROVERSIAL EDGE!!Ē For 2004/05 bookings, please contact Kyle Long at Kyle Long
LEG Event Management Inc. email:

(Posted 4/22/05) I have created a great corporate entertainment and team building company and am in need of a business savvy comic/Emcee who can host game shows, theme dinners and run business style training events with a comic flair.  We are Boston based and would prefer responses from Boston and New York as we do work there as well.  We also do murder mysteries, and other fun and interactive team games.  I am not looking for someone that is just in the business, more someone who has a bit of corporate experience, knows the boundaries and is willing to learn a new career.   There is good potential but it is not just showing up and giving 45 minutes, there is prep work, knowledge and the willingness to do what it takes for the client to be successful at this.   Please contact me via e-mail.  David Goldstein Chief Cook & Bottle Washer Comedy Theater Productions

(Posted 4/22/05) Hey, here's the deal, I'm a Boston based young hot shot comedy writer who just writes, hasn't performed-don't think I have what it takes.  Would however like to give my material to a stand up comic who is willing to do everything from observational humor, college humor, and hilarious edgy material.  I need a cocky, bitter boston attitude so if you got it, lets get the ball rollin and start performing  Believe me, its funny as hell, I wouldn't waste my time otherwise.  email me back at  

(Posted 4/22/05)I am a fresh young comedian with a talent for voices and faces. I am looking for a job opportunity inPennsylvania. I write my own material and I would love a job that would include part-time stage work. Please email me at if you need a good laugh.

(Posted 4/22/05)Iím Serious. My Bud is looking for any STAND-UP COMEDY GIG. in Texas Area. Dallas is near home.  Actually lives next door to Troy Aikman.(no-kiddin) Anyway, he needs a Manager or someone to "re-fine him".  This guy is unreal. He even looks like Chris Farley(not that big) but a blond, blue eye handsome guy as well.  He does stand up, he always is writing  new material.  He has been known to write over 200-500 jokes a week. He has had jokes published in Playboy.  He is a Paramedic and uses some material from past experiances but also follows politics and gives 'em hell.   Actually, what he really is is a BLUE COLLAR TV TYPE without a doubt, and once he gets exposed, he will get picked up fast because his comedy genius is very obvious.  He recently decided to follow his dream. He was born to make people laugh. His whole life people have told him he is a comedy genius, starting in Elementary. He is 39.  His time is now. Anyone,  Agents, Scouts or whoever please check this guy out he is FANTASTIC!!!  Name: Keith Esslinger ĖTexas  ph.# 817-723-1351 or

(Posted 3/15/2005)I enjoy writing comedy bits/monoluges for stand up acts, comedians, and others in need of comedic relief. Please contact me at my AOL address,  Until I hear from anyone, I'll be waxing my southern region. Thanks.

(Posted 3/2/2005) I am looking for a comedy writing job, sketch comedy/stand-up.  I have written and performed sketch comedy with Kevin Allison of MTV's "The State."  Seeking someone who wants bizarre writing or acting.  Have many sketches and stand-up material written already.  Contact me if you want over the top, ground breaking comedy.  Contact:   Ask
for Tom.

(Posted 3/2/2005) I write comedy. I don't tell jokes, I don't perform, I am not an on-air personality -- I am invisible. I write satirical news (Apollonia This Week), comic short films (Endless Winter, The Passion of the Crust), feature scripts, and famous web sites (Live Nude Cats). Outside comedy I am a working writer with professional credits (Salon, New York Times) and know how to reach an audience and meet deadlines. Looking for new opportunities in comedy.  Sites: / / Contact:

3/2/2005) I am a comedy writer based in New Jersey, looking for work at a magazine or for the entertainment industry, preferably on staff. NY or Philly is okay. Write me at if interested with pay and time details. E-mail:

(Posted 3/2/2005)  I'm a 24 year old Australian looking for a job in comedy writing. I have recently completed a media writing course and have a passion for writing and comedy. I'd like to work in sketch comedy mainly, but really, anything at all would be wonderful. contact me at  I am a fan of the Adam Sandler style of comedy, as well as observational humour.

(posted 1/20/2005) I am looking for a comedy writer that wants to help me write a TV comedy pilot script on a spec basis no pay at this time. If all goes well there will be good rewards afterwards.  if you are interested we can co-write it together. I have this idea for a 30 minute comedy show.  The show is about an Italian man that is dating a Jewish woman. She lives in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn a Jewish neighborhood. The man lives in a Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn known as Dyker Heights.  This would make a good comedy show, there has never been a comedy show on TV like this that I know of. I have the concept registered with the writers guild and would like to get a script written on it and I will get it pitched to production companies. I have an agent so I have no problem submitting it.  Contact: Joe Giacalone Staten Island, NY JOEY657AOL.COM  

I'm Jerry Kahn, a NYC-based, deadpan, one-liner comedian (my style is like Steven Wright, but faster).  I have performed for all types of groups, from fraternities to religious groups, catering my material to my audience.  I have a large, comfortable car and can travel.  Check out my Website at for sample material, contact info, comedy resume, etc.  You can e-mail me at Jerry Kahn 

(posted 1/20/2005) Iíve been doing open mics in Louisville for about a year,i recently won fourth place in the ky funniest man award,36 entered.earl goes over well in a blue colar or country and westeern place.down to earth comedy,can be clean or a little raw.have tape will send  Earl Edwaards  2704658701

(posted 1/20/2005) I'm a dude in my early 20's from New Jersey trying to make the world pee itself.  My comedy is edgy, seductive, and smart.  I can write as well as I perform and I'm just trying to be heard because i'm sick of the lukewarm comedians I see on TV all the time doing hackneyed bits.  My name is D.J. and I'm very accessible at

(posted 1/20/2005) Comedy architect of all traits would like to collaborate on your ambitious project.   I blazed through the stand-up comedy trail and in only 2 1/2 years worked my way up to drink whore.  I like fine dining and hiking and my pet peeve is puncturing an adam's apple while eating licorice.  I know the difference between a trestle and a trellis and I am terrified of puppets. Please contact me at

(posted 1/20/2005)  Comedian looking for feature jobs in comedy clubs in NY,NJ And New England in February 2005!!!!!  Contact Derek malo at

COMEDIANS WANTED Beginner, Advanced, for Standup-Comedy workshops/performing group at L.A. Connection Comedy Theater.  Longest running homebase for developing STANDUP COMEDIANS in L.A.. Regular shows (14th year!), Industry Nights, members make regular $$$ providing "Laugh Trax" to 1KTV (Verizon,Sprint,At&T), our comedians on Letterman,Leno,Kimmel and sitcoms; festival winners, headliners at clubs across the world. Focus and learn "Your Comedic Character." Directors Barb and Steve North (the Comedy Coach) performed all over the world, and produced over 30 National TV shows, and head up Brook Forest Entertainment. CALL 818 347-5098 BROOK FOREST ENTERTAINMENT, LLC 22647 Ventura Boulevard, #422 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Phone:818 347-5098  Fax:818 347-5099 E-Mail 

Iím a young Comedian living and working in NYC, Iíve been doing stand up for over half a decade( since I was 16 and thatís considered quite young in the stand up world), I host two radio shows and put out my own comic strip in a local paper. Iím looking for bookings in the tri-state area, my website is  book me and Iíll be happy you did, as will you. AnywayÖclick contact on my site to contact me or just email thatís all there is to it. Thanx,  -Danny.

FREELANCE THIS!  Corny tag-line, but okay -- that's not the point.  I'm a young comedy writer and improv actor who is looking for more experience.  As of now, I've mostly written for California Bay Area radio-show producer/host Bruce Maiman, but frequently write comedic dialogues, sketches, and anecdotes and would like to contribute as much as possible.  I am also available for improvisational comedy, and am fully willing to make a fool of myself for a laugh.  Contact David Xaviel at: 831-588-7346;

Joe DeVito. New Englands funniest Comedy Stage Hypnotist. This criticaly polliticaly incorrect Dr. of Hypnosis can entertain audiences from sixteen to sixty!  His G rated shows exhibit good clean fun and are just as hilarious as his unique over the top R-rated performances.   Since 1990 his show has been reviewed as a "Must See" to quote the Improper Bostonian, as well as a "Thumbs Up" from the Boston Globe who said, "It was a lesson in how to get our attention."  Enjoying a six year run of sold out shows at The Comedy Palace in Andover MA, Joe has managed to entertain at premiere comedy clubs such as Bananas in Poughkeepsie, NY, The Stress Factory in NJ, and The Funny Farm in Youngstown,OH  to name a few. His reputation to deliver the goods has put him in demand on the college circuit. He is always welcomed back to High School Events, and Camp directors have booked him years in advance.  Take a moment and check out his Website at,

IM known as Daz, I am an up and coming comic looking for new stages and experiences. I have been told by many that IM pretty funny. But what do they know. Book me and find out for yourself at

The name is Gregory M. Guity, resident New Yorker and comedian under the stage name of Greg Manuel. I'm going everywhere I might, putting my name out there as well as the webpage where anyone might find my work:  Also, feel free to email me directly at or, Thank you, and I'll be waiting to hear back from somebody...  (Posted 10/10/2002)

I am a 26 yo comedian in the North Central Florida area looking for feature work. I have done many feature spots in florida.  Spots must be paid or room and boards plus travel. I have a style that is somewhat unique, some call it in your face dead pan.  So if you need some laughs let me know.  Jamie Morgan  JOKES3344  (Posted 10/10/2002)

My plumber is trying to convince me that he was wearing Low-Rise jeans way before Brittney Spears was, so I have to make this short.  Of course, this is the same guy who thought the movie "Deep Impact" (the movie about asteroids hitting earth) was a porno.  I write comedy to make money, but I won't be writing forever.  I'm trying to raise enough money to get my used car rent-a-car business up and going.  Ever since I was a little boy I've always wanted to rent out used cars.  As a kid, used cars had a great influence in my life, but that's another story.  Plain and simple, I write stupid things that seem to make people laugh.  Can write almost anything, but best at sitcom scripts.Contact me at    (Posted 10/10/2002)

Hi, my name is Wes Thompson and I am a stand up comic that has just moved to LA from Lexington, Ky.  Im looking for a venue to perform.  Anywhere will do for now.  I do mostly observational humor as well as stuff about childhood and being married.  Im pretty damn funny and looking for a place to make people laugh.  Contact me at or

(Seeking LA/NY comedy writing gig)...If you like your standup comedy sorta abstract (Franklin Ajaye meets Steven Wright) then you'd like my perspective on how life is funny like that. Who says a black comic can't be existential? A sample line from my head: "What if there's no heaven? You just die and your spirit goes to the projects?" or "I haven't committed suicide yet because i don't know what to say in the note. I always get the beginning i just never know how to end it: 'To whomever finds this note. Sorry about the mess. But those 9s do that. Mop and bucket in the corner.' Much of my material is written right before i go onstage. Very much like LA's "Un-cabaret" comedy club. All i need is a damn shot. Interested? Email: wordblurbs@yahoo .com or snail mail: Jammer Bicks, PO Box 63037, St. Louis, Mo. 63163 or call 314-621-8728.  (Posted/updated  6/24/2002)

I WRITE FUNNY.  In fact, I write funniest.  My name is Dan Bornstein, and I've been performing stand-up and writing funny for almost five years now, and specialize in the writing thing.  I do parodies, top tens, skits, short stories, one-liners, clean and not-so-clean stuff, whatever.  Contact me at (Posted 6/24/2002)

I am a full-time working Comedy Magician based in the Philadelphia area for 15 years and Philadelphia's official Colonial conjurer for almost 4 years. I am currently working the corporate circuit doing conventions, trade shows & hospitality suites. I have a comedy stage show with doves and illusions (packs small Plays Big) as well as a close-up act (table hopper- strolling magic) I am looking for agents that book for Cruiseships, Casinos, Resorts & Night Clubs. Contact Tim Mower, E-mail:  (Posted 3/14/2001)

Yep,  I'm a working comedy writer, currently writing for No.# 1 Country station in NW.  I specialize in rural, country, downhome but hip comedy, Jeff Foxworthy meets Monty Python with Garrison Keillor on 10 cups of latte. I've  written 15 TV sitcom scripts and have 2 TV sitcom pilots available. Currently writing 2 novels as well.  ...So I'm seeking writing assignments. Contact  Will Lloyd at  (Posted 4/30/2002)

Hi I'm Comedian / Actor on Air Personality Tony Blackstone, And I.m availible for all types of events, I've opened for John whiterspoon,Michael colyer, Samore, the hit rap groupe IMX, the Four Tops, And Gladys knight Just to name a few, I also do a 15 minuet comedy set every Tuesday & Thursday between 7:00am and 7:30am on Radio One's WOLB'S 1010am morning show  ,With your host  Larry Young. Of the Larry Young morning show, This is 15 minuets of nostop laughter you won't wanna miss.......check my web page out at and also I can be reached at  (Posted 4/2002)

2001Gemini award winning comedy writer, controversial stand-up comic and BUZZ TV host MISTA MO aka Morgan Smith is adding bookings to his successful Stand-up comedy tour "2HARD 2SWALLOW! For bookings for Fall/Winter line up, please contact Kyle Long.  (Posted 4/2002)

LIZ RUSSO: Established and professional stand-up comedienne and plus size model seeking paid work nationally. Available for public university or private speaking events in the areas of women's issues and the effects of media on body image. Available for comedy shows as a solid feature act with 40+ minutes of stage time. Please see website for more information.  (Posted 4/11/2002)

Talented Comedian/Writer/Actor) Hello, looking for a clever standup comedian that can hold an audiences attention? Or a writer that can write intriguing, yet entertaining copy and touch up a screenplay? I'm the man. For booking info. contact Kevin Young @  (Posted 4/11/2002) 

I am a young comedian in L.A. and im looking for more gigs or writing jobs. E-mail me at  (Posted 4/11/2002)

I have a club in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario (capacity 150) and am looking for acts to get a Comedy Night going.  Please contact me with some sort of proof that you're funny at the following:  Brendan Fyfe  Foggy Notions Bar and Grill 708 Queen Street East
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A 2A9  Bar phone:  705-942-0050 

Overweight, ocd ridden, alcoholic, pot smoking, Honorably discharged (barely) Army Vet, member of Howard Stern's Wack Pack, all-around swell guy, looking for a gig to break into the biz. Willing to be abused for the right price and willing to relocate. Contact me at:

Career news/sports writer who wants to do part-time and perhaps career-switching work in comedy writing.  Remember the revised photo captions Johnny Carson was famous for?  I've done those.  I currently work on a soap opera fan web site doing script spoofs akin to Mystery Science Theatre style.  Email me at

My name is David Merheje and iam a young amateur stand up comic looking for work. I usually get a spot at Yuk Yuks on Thursday's in my hometown Windsor, Ont. You can reach me at

Talented comedian performing in any situation: White Clubs, Black Clubs, Colleges and Clean Corprate events. I perform or write material for comics trying to get to stay constiently funny. E-mail Marquis Head at

Parody comedy writer available - freelance parody writer for all formats in radio. Refences available. Contact Star Michaels at

I am a former member of a comedy troupe, and have also written and published one panel cartoons. I continue to keep my own catalog of one liners and funny ideas based on my life in corporate america, raising kids, and just trying to stay sane. I've got a substantial list of one liners and concepts for stand up comedy use, and a large body of ideas for a 3 panel cartoon strip that I'm looking for an artist to partner with. Email me at for information and samples.

Humor is a lot like a gun: it's very dangerous when not used properly. Do you need help creating material for your stand-up act? Does your script need some comic relief? If so, drop me a line at Remember, it's always better to have people laugh WITH you than laugh AT you.  (Posted 5/1/2001)

Young, clean, hilarious, relatively experienced stand-up comedian looking for some more stage-time(especially in Utah). email:  (Posted 3/5/2001)

I am a young comedian looking for opportunities in stand up comedy. Extremely creative and original with lots of material. The next best thing since kool-aid!!! For any openings or open mic opportunies send emails to  (Posted 3/5/2001)

SW Florida ( Marco Island ) club looking for various up and coming comedians for 1-2 hour shows. . . looking for 5 nights a week, different acts nightly - steady work from October through May! Comedians plz email  (Posted 5/25/2000)

I have alot of experience and am pretty much "established" in the New York area. I have promos working clean or risque. Plus headshots.  Email me: or Please check out my website:  (Posted 5/21/2000)

To get right to the point I am very funny person. I have preformed at the Comedy Den in Grand Rapids. I may be an amateur when it comes to the stage but I am a pro when it comes to comedy. I have made people laugh so hard they pi__ed in their pants. Right now I am looking for some giggs, so if you would e-mail me at we can get this show on the road. La Vaughn.  (Posted 5/21/2000)

Check the website of Mark Merchant at for information on a creative and clever comedy ventriloquist act. Working for 20 years as an opener for stars like Tony Orlando, The Lettermen, Rich Little, Brenda Lee and many more. His act takes the potential art of ventriloquism several notches up on the comedy pedestal. E mail him at:  (Posted 3/20/2000)

I am a young, wet behind the ears comic with a lot of material. I have been doing ametuer nights for some time now and am currently looking for job opportunities. Contact me at

Comedians available for parties and various functions! call comedian john perrotta at the comedy factory at 401-461-7896! the comedy factory, "r.i.'s traveling comedy club!" has been providing loads of laughs throughout new england since 1994!

Jim Judges ( The UK's only official cracker joke writer and comedian) If you need an on the spot humerous comment (via phone or video link) on UK/European news, if you need short quick gags written to order or if you need a top international comedian then you need me.  further details at "fresh quality produce delivered daily".  (Posted 12/20/99)

I've got over 20 years experience as a comedy writer....with many sales to Jay Leno, Roseanne, Joan Rivers, and dozens of other standups. I spent 6 years on Bob Hope's writing staff...and have turned out funny stuff for public speakers (many members of NSA), business executives, a former NFL coach, a U.S. Senator, etc., etc. I specialize in topical material, right out of the headlines stuff...I've written for virtually all of the national humor services, ad agencies, radio personalities, etc. I've also written for over 20 years for a major ventriloquist, done monologues, sketches, song get the picture. I'm funny, fast, and affordable. Let's discuss what you need to make you very funny, at You're gonna laugh at my work, I guarantee it.

My friends call me Schecky,though my real name is Richard.There's only one other guy who calls himself Shecky,and thats Shecky Green or "Shecky the First" as I call him.I think thats better than Richard the Third or Richard Nixon,and lets not forget the hundreds of other comics named Richard.I've added a { C } to my Schecky because it means checks in German.Currenty I've been writing and doing guest comedy spots on the radio. I have a fan club in southwest Florida.I've done stand-up too,but I like being a radio personality .If you think we can help each other than please contact me at  The com is short for comedy.  (Posted 5/23/99)

Sam Kinison's Dead? Think Again! I am a 30 year old Boston area comic. I have worked with national comics such as Mark Rossi, Don Gavin, & Kevin Knox. I have been compared to Sam by almost every one who has seen my act. My material is very "in your face" and I take no prisoners when I'm on stage. Available for stand up work, TV/Film, writing, or any other aspect of the comedy biz.Full bio, headshots, & demo tape available upon request. (Contact me, Shaughn Howard, at Howard/James Productions 413-734-0424.) (Posted 3/17/99)

Twenty-eight year old Boston area comic (relocating to West coast 1/2000) with many stand up credits, including opening for Adam Sandler.  Excellent at straight or cartoonish voiceovers, can do over 50 impressions (including most of the "Simpsons" & "South Park" cast. I do the most accurate "Cartman" you'll hear outside of watching the show) Available for any and all comedy related work and/ or radio voiceovers. (Contact Chris James at Howard/James Productions at 413-734-0424)  (Posted 3/17/99)

New management/production company in Los Angeles looking for comedy features and spec TV episodes. Please fax synopsis and/or resume to 310-815-0822 Attn: Creative Department. Include your contact information.

I have the most original, funny and unique ventriloquist show out there today! Recently featured nationwide on NBC news, and several local newspapers, my show has to be seen to be believed. I've performed all the hot LA comedy clubs, and venues in Las Vegas, including the "Comedy Stop" at the Tropicana. Tradeshows and corporate events, and cruise ships. Call Terry at (310) 675-9832 for more info, or contact me at


I have several small clubs in the midwest that are looking for comedians. If you are interested in some paying stage time, Send Bio, demo tape, and headshot to J & J, 703 Pearl St., Neosho, MO 64850 or E-mail us at  (Posted 7/4/98)

I'm a mother of 4 and have been through the meat grinder of life. I have seen it all and can put it all into a laugh line. If you have a subject that needs a mother's view with a twist, give me a week and I'll give you a laugh. From diapers to emergency aid I can have you choking, I mean chuckling. Of course it's all clean humor, except for the diapers. E-mail me at

I'm 17 years old and have lived in the country all my life this has caused me to watch alot of television in order to forget where I am, I have watched mostly comedians and studied comedy so I have a pretty good feel on how its gonna be. I would like a job, I can't start until I get out of High School. I have gotten laughs off of material in High School plays that know one else could get to work and I did pretty well at two amateur nights at a now closed comedy club. Anyone that will be looking for a new talent please E-mail me at:

Published all around comedy writer. Oneliners ("fastliners"), satire, bits, parodies. Any subject. Seeking contacts. I also do political jokes--somewhat right of center material (no far out liberals allowed). Very fresh. Send SASE for Sampler joke sheet to PO Box 955 Barnegat, NJ 08005-2602 (e-mail (Posted 3/2/08)

29 yo Aussie Copywriter...slightly mad (aren't we all?!)...seeking freelance creative work from stations that need a helping hand. I am based in Australia, and aim to settle in the US or Canada in mid to late 1998. In the meantime, I am offering my services (and rather questionable writing ability!) to you! Just send copy briefs via email and *kaboom* they will return in the form of a fully written commercial in 24-48 hours! 'How can he do that?' I hear you ask..well, with my fingers and the keyboard just like everyone else! If you only have a couple of commercials to have written, I may even do it free....well for a free shirt & cap from your radio station at least!  I'm keen to make an impression and maybe even secure some regular work on my arrival in your neighborhood...I have worked as a commercial/promo producer (and won 2 major awards...I am good at bribing obviously!), Jock (pretty woeful though) and as a copywriter (also a few awards)....Give me a won't be disappointed!* Disclaimer...Your actual opinion may differ from those of the author of this message!!! Email Warren K:  

COMEDY MATERIAL NEEDED? Jokes for all occasions....Professional Humor scribe writes One-liners, Monologues, Sketches, Stand-up acts (Meet deadlines for last minute gigs) etc. Have written material for various comedians, radio services, magaznes and newspapers. Also currently freelancing for various Late-Night talk shows. Call me (914) 632-6585, Fax me (914) 654-1682, E-Mail me or Write me at RJC, 76 Homestead Place, New Rochelle, NY. 10801.  (Posted 12/30/97))

If anyone is looking for a sick comedian (I mean really sick but funny),please e-mail me at and I'll send you a demo tape.  James Goodman  (Posted 12/30/97)

My brother and I have a twin comedy act which is very clean,We have performed at the Improf and various comedy clubs, the Apollo theature,and different nursing homes in New York city.E mail us and I can give you any more information that you request deno794331

My name is Rick Provow of Puppets Galore and I am always looking for current comedy material to be used for shows at Conventions and Trade Shows. Also looking for writers to write clean entertaining routines for puppets  to do in my shows. Material that can be performed for Adults & Children. Puppets can get by with almost anything, even more so than a real Actor. I design and build a show but I'm really unable to write well and would  like to see if you can direct me to someone interested in something like this! I have ideas but need a springboard, someone to take ideas and make a script out of it!  Contact Rick or :

And now for something completly different,not Monty Python but Twister the Clown . Twister is also known as Michael Picard and either one offers a unique stand -up comedy style magic show, or movie and sitcom appeal. A unique talent that has performed for many celebrities most recently David Copperfield and a sharp wit with over 20 years experience on live t.v.,stage and on VTR. For more write to : Twister the Clown 34 East st. OR Cambridge,Ontario Canada. N1R 4P1 E-MAIL: visit:

I can write monologues, jokes, top tens and stories which will make people laugh. I've written for David Brenner and samples of my writing can be seen at T-Bone's Comedy Corner Website: ...a site which I update weekly. Contact me at or by snail mail Tom Maul, P.O. Box 19706, Baton Rouge, LA 70893.  (Posted 9/18/97)

(Writer seeks station) Hey. Let's cut to the chase. My name is Dave Tippett. I'm a free lance comedy writer. I'm funny. Not funny in a strange, bizarre kinda guy who rides the bus talking to you with hand puppets way. No, I'm ha-ha funny. Then again, maybe the bus deal isn't too far off some days. Anyway, I specialize in TOP TENs, hot topical headlines, commercial parodies, news drops, and have been known to do a song parody or two. Even funny ones. I write for (and actually get paid by) The American Comedy Network, The Gary Burbank Show, and have worked for Garrison Keilor's "A Prairie Home Companion" (although PHC didn't like my hand puppet humor nearly as much as some others). So, hey. Give me a try. Samples are no problem. E-mail at: Thanks and have a day. (Posted 9/10/97)

(Young comic seeking work) I am a young comedian looking for a some work experience. So if you want to give someone a chance pick me. If you want to contact me and talk about things, you can E - mail me, Ian Morrison,  at (Posted 8/17/97)

(Stand up comedian looking) I am a silly guy and I am looking for work. I will tear up your whole place and yell at everyone for a small fee. I like to kick ass and yell funny stuff at crowds of people and piss them all off. I like to be entertained yet entertain myself. For booking info. contact my manager via e-mail at

(Writer seeking station) ATTENTION PROGRAM MANAGERS:  People tell me everyday, "Mark your such a talented writer! Your so versatile, clever and funny. To these people I humbly reply, "thanks mom and dad!" Let's face it, kind words from mom and dad are nice but the last time I checked, Visa and American Express didn't accept them as a form of payment!! That's why I'm contacting you. My name is Mark J. Allen and I'm a Los Angeles based writer/comedian. I've got tons of quality material from jokes, characters, continuing soap opera ideas and funny short stories. I'm just looking for a great, cutting-edge radio program to submit them to...(huh...that would be you!) I  I've written radio material for headliner comedians such as A.J. Jamal, formally of "In Living Color," and Comedy Central's, "Comic Justice." I've also written material for comedianne Thea Vidale while she starred on her own ABC sitcom titled, "Thea." I've also written comedy material for radio in conjunction with The Urban Fun Factory and Westwood One Radio....INTERESTED YET??? If so, contact me at: or Mark J. Allen 5916 La Tijera Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90056 I'd be happy to E-mail or snail mail you any writing samples, resumes and references if interested. Remember...kind words from Mom and Dad are nice but..(Oh hell, I have to go, someone's knocking at my front door! Can you say....REPOSSESSION?)  (Posted 1/14/97)


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