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Funny Firm show prep highlights for the week of July 8 - July 12, 2024:

Next week, thousands of Disneyland employees will vote on whether to authorize a strike.  *Apparently all the Disney employees are now Grumpy.  (Paul Dudley)

Next week, thousands of Disneyland employees will vote on whether to authorize a strike. *The definition of schandenfreude...picketing Disneyland employees standing around for hours in a line.   (Paul Dudley)

On this date In 1804, Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers, died from injuries sustained during a duel with Vice President Aaron Burr.  *If the gunshot wound didn’t kill him off, hearing his life set to rap music 200 years later would have.   (Rick Fancy)

On this date in 2011, Neptune completed its first full orbit around the sun since its discovery in 1846. The event took 165 years to occur.  *About the same amount of time it takes to find a parking spot at Trader Joe's.  (Rick Fancy)

On this date in 1985, Doctors Without Borders was founded. *Not to be confused by the other less prominent group...Doctors without Tee Times.  (Paul Dudley)

On this date in 2012, reggae legend Bob Marley had a new species of crustacean named in his honor.  The crustacean is as uniquely Caribbean as Marley.  *It’s the only crustacean in the sea that smokes tons of weed.  (Rick Fancy)

Eighteen year old Tyler Lutz, escaped from a detention facility  in Berks County, Pennsylvania Saturday. Police say he was later caught at a carnival trying to blend in with carnival employees.  *He stood out...he didn't have nearly enough tattoos.  (Paul Dudley)
Target will soon stop accepting personal checks as payment.  The retail giant says the policy takes effect starting July 15th.  *Oh my, Karen is definitely going to need to see the manager about this.  (Rick Fancy)

On this date in 2019, German automaker Volkswagen ended production of the Beetle, the first model of which had been introduced in 1938.  A sad day.  *Hippies all over the world lowered their freak flags to half-staff.  (Paul Dudley)

The Texas State Board of Education is under fire for a proposed school curriculum that's filled with religious references.  *No matter how the debate is settled, you'll still be able to invoke god at high schools in Texas on Friday night if it's the fourth quarter. (Paul Dudley)

Consumers lost over a billion dollars to romance scams in 2023.  That's according to the Federal Trade Commission.   Almost three-quarters of those who had been scammed were men.  *The fell for the oldest romance scam in the world...marriage.  (Rick Fancy)

Inventor and researcher Nikola Tesla, the namesake of the Tesla electric car, was born this day in back in 1856.  *Ironically, he suffered most of his life with range anxiety.  (Rick Fancy)

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. That is amazing!  *It’s like 25 different Jennifer Lopez marriages all in one!  (Paul Dudley)

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